Q-Check on Music.Tracker.v0.1b ?

Q-Check on Music.Tracker.v0.1b ?

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Now you are telling yourself “Damn! I can’t belive it! Is that the f0ckin true?! I’m so curious about it!” …it’s freaky shitty feeling … i know… (wise) Ok, i’m going to tell you everything!

Прочети на български!

We wrote about our Music.Tracker.v0.1b Project before, so if you don’t know whats about it just read HERE! ….or if you search for the player and you can’t find it – click HERE! And now….the NEW thing in our Player is…… the awesome single from our friends Q-Check!!! Hear it! It’s really tasty! PLAY MEE!!!

Who are Q-Check? Q-Check is a bulgarian rasta-folk-punk band messing around with the native Folk Culture.The five members created the band year and a half ago willing to be the different band….and guess what? They did it! They found way to make Pop-Folk covers or as they call them “gavurs” (gavur is a word comming from “an outrage against the pop-folk society” and...
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