12.01.2011 |ENP| Blackpool - Liverpool

12.01.2011 |ENP| Blackpool - Liverpool

Blackpool meet Liverpool in a match of Premier league on Saturday 12.01.2011. Home team are at 13th postion in standing and has 25 points. Liverpool are at 12th position again with 25 points. Over the weekend, both teams suffered defeats in the FA Cup and now we are motivated to return to the path of success, although they are disappointed by his dropping of the old English club football tournament. This will be the first duel of legend Kenny Dalglish Liverpool leading the Premiership and certainly the manager of the guests will motivate their players to record their first success at the head of Liverpool. Blackpool is not located in a good form and here we predict win for Liverpool.

Pick - 2 Odds.: 1.90 Bookmaker : Bet365

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