Art of Flight

Art of Flight


Travis Rice is often hailed by sportswriters and peers as the best all-around snowboarder in the world. Since earning 'Rookie of the Year' kudos in 2002, Travis has won numerous global slopestyle, big air and backcountry events, including two X Games gold medals. The Jackson, WY local has unveiled a slew of new tricks, including the first double backside rodeo 1080 in competition, while establishing new benchmarks in big-mountain audacity.

The 2005 and 2009 TransWorld and Snowboarder 'Rider of the Year' innovated a fresh contest format with his Quiksilver Natural Selection invitational. Rice recently launched Asymbol Gallery to give artists and photographers in the surf, skate and snow culture a platform to reach a wider audience. With "The Art of FLIGHT," Travis says they will "pull out all the stops with cutting-edge cinematography, a banger soundtrack, and an edit second to none." Possessing a personality as huge as his talent, "TRice" is always the...
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