PsyTech Team

PsyTech Team

About PsyTech Team exist on Bulgarian trance scene since 2001 and still hard working to popularize our beloved music and culture in Bulgaria (…and not only).

who we are ?

party promoters : a lot of club parties made by our team

festival organizers: Mati Zemlya festival – psychedelic trance experience (2004, 2005)

creators: one of the best psy producres , dj’s and deco artists are part of PsyTech Team

About this site :

Artists section – here you can find info about PsyTech Team producers , DJ’s, deco and design artistsReleases – the latest albums and compilations including music by our team membersPsyNews – place to promote works and news by our friends from another labels and projects, we’re always open to place your news in this section. Just contact us !Link to Us – here you can find text links and banner codes to place in your site. We will be happy to exchange links with another psychedelic music sites. This will help us each other to promote our...
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