PsyTech Team

PsyTech Team

Triplag Music is proud to present second compilation called Dark Love… The more has come! Triplag Music is back to full power night time psychedelic trance and continue your trip with deep dark explosives! This compilation include tracks by PsyTech Team members – Gain Reduction and Zerohour

This time dive deeper into our twisted and wonderful world of dark reality. You may already know that 90% of known universe consist of unknown matter, the dark matter. Scientists believe this is what responsible for the shape of our cosmic habitat and it is a driving force of the existence and evolution of our universe. It is unexplainable it is uncontrollable it is unpredictable it is like….. like love. Not surprisingly more and more people fill connection with Dark Love energy and here we present to you 11 tracks that take you on a journey of Dark Love, our reality… our life…

ID : TRPLGCD002 Artist: Various Name: Dark Love Label: TRIPLAG MUSIC Genre: Dark Psytrance ...
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