Should we wear eyeglasses while driving

Should we wear eyeglasses while driving

Apr 6

Should we wear eyeglasses while driving


I plan to purchase a pair of eyeglasses for driving, but my mum doesn’t agree to do so, she thinks it will get blind after wearing glasses for years on driving. But I heard driving glasses are hot recommend for avoiding glare which may cause the accidents at most of time.

The key question is can you see very well when looking at things from a distance? If we can then you should be okay. If you only need glasses for seeing things up close and don't wear it for anything else then you should be fine driving without them. Do not tell them you need glasses to drive with if you don't. But bring the glasses with you to the test just in case. When you get your license they will give you an eye test. If your distance vision is good you should have no problem passing the eye portion without the glasses. But if you fail the eye test ask them if you can try it again with your...
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