Filtered Water | Unlimited Water

Filtered Water | Unlimited Water

Premium high flow commercial filtration

Set apart from other filtration systems, Unlimited Water uses a unique three stage high flow commercial filtration system, the configuration specifically treats the mains water supplies – where chlorine is added, and dirt, rust and other impurities find their way into the water downstream from the source reservoirs.

Our multi-stage water filter process begins with sediment filtration (removing sediment down to 1/1000th mm in size), eliminates heavy particles such as dirt, rust and sand, then comes a bacteriostatic field followed by activated carbon filtration. This removes chemicals, impurities and heavy metals, delivering clean, fresh, food grade drinking water that’s great tasting, whilst retaining the goodness of existing minerals.

The result is clean, fresh food grade quality drinking water that tastes great, retains the goodness of existing minerals and meets Australian and international safety...
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