Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance

Different people dance for different reasons. Some dance for money, to entertain others, and there are that whose dancing is a talent and are passionate in it. Different styles and types of dancing have evolved over time, as has many different songs. Every dancing comes with its own uniqueness and identity. Ballroom, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Jazz, Pole dance, Salsa, and swing dance are just a few types of dancing.

Pole dance

Pole dancing is a dancing style and a form performance art that combines gymnastics and dance. The dancers of this dance should be flexible, endurance and have significant strength. It has for long been associated with dance clubs and strip clubs although it is seen as a form of exercise. Involving gymnastics moves with a vertical pole, the dancers do not only dance just for fun, but it also increases tone and muscle strangles hence maintaining the body health. For more information please visit


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