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A music festival can often hinge on the weather report. Sunniness really does go a long way to improving the whole experience, while too much rain puts a dampener on any of the fun that is to be had around the campsite. Regardless if your favourite band is playing, being soaked through to the bone and shivering is not an enjoyable experience. But sometimes weather can turn extreme, and rain is the last of peoples worries. Especially when festival goers are holed up in flimsy tents which provide very little protection from the elements, the situation can become perilous.

Take Benicassim for example, in 2009 the Spanish festival was beaten with severe winds said to reach speeds of 70mph. The former lead singer of The Jam, Paul Weller, had to leave the stage mid-performance as it was swaying dangerously, putting himself and the crowd at risk. In the aftermath, headliners Kings of Leon were forced to pull out because of irreparable damage to the surrounding stage and the lighting...
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