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JOAKIMFEST Festival of the best theatrical performances as per texts by domestic authors JoakimrFest will be the 7th till the 15th of May in the Knjaževsko–srpski teatar from City of Kragujevac. The Festival is named after Joakim Vujic (1772–1847), First Serbian Court Theater Director in Kragujevac 1835/36. Knjaževsko–srpski teatar the regular host of Festival, organizer is the Direction of Festival and sponsor City of Kragujevac. Knjaževsko–srpski teatar being the institution of special significance to Serbian culture and art, the Theatre endeavours to develop other activities besides showing plays. Since 2005 the Theatre started grandiose publishing business with the magazine Joakim, founded the Gallery Joakim, ordered monographies of all the winners of the Statuette of Joakim Vujic, 2009 published the first edition book Premijera, started to research and publish drama heritage of...
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