Diva Sheryl Crow Puts Her Villa up to Online Auction

Diva Sheryl Crow Puts Her Villa up to Online Auction

Diiva Sheryl Suzanne Crow, who is famous for her roles as a singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician and actress, has recently decided to sell her villa online. The bidding is currently up to $1.1million. According to the estate agent, the winner will have to pay cash and finish the deal before January 14 next year. Sheryl Suzanne Crow, who has won nine Grammys, has lived in the French-style home for more than six years with her adopted sons Wyatt and Levi. The singer-songwriter bade the home for $7.5million in May; however, nobody wanted to buy it. 


Set on 150 acres of land, her Tennessee mansion is believed to be among the most luxurious and exquisite homes in the area. There are five bedrooms, a theatre room, a salt water swimming pool, and a 3-bedroom guest house for visiting friends. Besides, the sprawling estate has magnificent views of the countryside. Let’s visit the Sheryl Suzanne Crow’s villa through the photos as follows:

Sheryl Crow’s...
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