Pain in the back of the head

Pain in the back of the head

Pain in the back of the head seems to be a common issue of people, as the number of people searching for information on the issues is very high. There are people who want to know about the causes, treatment as well as any accompanying symptoms of the condition. This article imparts information on causes as well as any possible treatment for headache in the back of head. To your information, most of the headaches especially the ones which are common, are usually not serious. However, one should not overlook any kind of head pain as it may be formidable sign of underlying disease or disorder.  Make a note of the difference between brain tumor and headache.

Common causes of pain in the back of the head: Cervicogenic headache:

Cervicogenic headache is perhaps the most common cause of head pain in the back of head. This kind of pain is associated with the joint of the upper spine. Cervicogenic headache is caused due to neck as the name suggests cervic (which means neck)...
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