Art theft: some of the famous art heists of the last 100 years

Art theft: some of the famous art heists of the last 100 years

Reclining Figure 1969-70 by Henry Moore.

The bronze sculpture Reclining Figure, worth £3 million, was stolen from the 72-acre estate of the Henry Moore Foundation in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, in December 2005. It took thieves 10 minutes using a crane-equipped flatbed Mercedes truck stolen from nearby Roydon to carry it away. A global alert was issued but, apart from a sighting by another motorist at a road junction in Harlow, Essex the same evening it was never seen again. Detective Chief Inspector Jon Humphries, of Hertfordshire Police, said inquiries revealed the artwork was moved through a Dagenham scrap dealer and on to another Essex scrapyard. It was then shipped abroad, possibly to Rotterdam, and then further east.

He said estimates suggested the sculpture, three metres long and two metres high, may have made just £1,500 as scrap metal even though The Henry Moore Foundation is believed to have offered £10,000 for its...
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