Doris Day and Paul McCartney in conversation

Doris Day and Paul McCartney in conversation

PM My daughter Stella loves that film. She said when she saw you in that yellow dress, that’s what made her want to be a designer. Watching that film, none of us wanted that dress to get messed up when you fell in the mud. And is it true that you didn’t want to sing Secret Love [Oscar winning song in 1954] in the film originally?

DD Yes. It worried me that if I had to sing it in character as Calamity rather than in my voice it might interfere and make it seem so phony. But I was taught to see the difference.

PM With your new album I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I knew you hadn’t worked in show business for a while as you’ve been looking after your animals. But you seem so perky and I feel that spirit in the album. I think it’s very beautifully sung.

DD It has been a long time. I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope people enjoy it as I enjoyed doing it so much.

PM: I think your fans will go crazy with it. It’s a nice album with...
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