Lucky escape for pedestrian in Brazil hit and run

Lucky escape for pedestrian in Brazil hit and run

At the beginning of the short clip, which comes from a security camera located outside the supermarket in Nova Andradina, the woman can be seen using a public payphone at the top of the screen.

The footage, which was posted online on Friday, then shows the same lady putting the phone down and setting off down the street just as a motorbike pulls out into the road at the junction behind her.

Suddenly an oncoming white car, instantly recognisable as a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, is forced to skid in order to avoid hitting the motorcycle and hurtles towards the pavement and the pedestrian.

In a moment that may have saved her life, the woman notices the car sliding towards her and manages to brace for the impact of the car's bonnet before being thrown into the supermarket.

Simultaneously the Beetle's driver is flung from the car, narrowly avoiding trolleys stacked up outside the store. Remarkably unhurt he instantly gets to his feet as people...
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