How to make your site popular – SEO

How to make your site popular – SEO

Making your site popular is the hardest part of creating a successful website. Some people think that if their site has over 1000 viewers, their site is popular. That’s wrong ! You have to choose the people who visit your site. For example : if you have an online store for proteins, creatines and steroids, you don’t want children under 14 to visit your site, right ? Your visitors must be middle-aged so the chance for buying a product is bigger. How to prevent children visiting your site ? Stop spamming, stop sharing your site in game forums and etc…  SEO = letting google know what is your site for.

Advanced optimization

Have you heard about satellite sites ? Blogs which help your site to rank higher. Google thinks this is stupid but it helps someway. Creating a blog in your topic, creating a unique content, no external links ( 10 max or linking google and your site ) will help your site to rank really higher ! You can use article directories too. They have helped many...
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