The truth about SEO

The truth about SEO

Last few months, seo has reached wide popularity for an effective way to make your site popular. People say that SEO is easy to learn but often it’s not true.

Wrong : Optimizing for search engines is easy to make

Making a good SEO doesn’t mean keywords + meta tags. SEO has a lot of factors. If we have to be honest, it requires constant work, patience and hard work. If you want good results, you need to show patience + hard work.

Wrong : Everybody can optimize his site for search engines

If this was true, seo companies would be death. Why google has created webmaster tools ? There is no universal recipe about creating a good seo. If you decided to learn seo on your own, please take some time and read the hundred articles on internet about seo. May be SEO is not easy as it seems.

Wrong : SEO is done quickly

This is the biggest lie ever ( except using black hat, but you will get banned after using these method ). Fast seo is not equal to good seo, because...
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