Chinese head to Barcelona for team building

Chinese head to Barcelona for team building

Friends from China recently met up with me in Barcelona and it was fun to see the reaction of my Chinese friends as they experienced Spanish and Catalan culture. The foods of course and very different and certainly overall everyone seemed to have a good time.

The reason for the visit. A reward for the department employees and a Barcelona corporate team building trip in association with Barcelona Adventure. Barcelona is a great city and the sites such as Sagrada Familia, the each and marina area and the view from Montjuic in Barcelona are excellent and overall ther trip I think was a success. A lot of shopping was of course done and I hope that the excess baggage costs for the flights back to Beijing were not too high.

They are actually quite a few Chinese people in Barcelona and 'Dong Lin' was a a restuarant where we all got to eat some excellent Chinese food (Av Paral·lel 152, Poble Sec) in Barcelona.

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