PFC CSKA Sofia Sold!

PFC CSKA Sofia Sold!

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The 31-time champion of Bulgaria CSKA is already sold, “Topsport” reports.

The Indian Pramod Mital and people from “Titan AC” have put their signatures under the agreement. The deal must be closed legally by Christmas time.

The company “Titan AC”, which is a subsidiary of an Arabian consortium and whose headquarters is in Bulgaria, has agreed with Mital, because President Alexander Tomov has no authority to close deals.

The new firm will pay the Indian businessman 8,7 million Euro, while the loan of 1,3 million Euro, which was given by the Ukrainian billionaire Konstantin Zhevago in May will also be discharged immediately. The monthly budget of the club amounts to 500 000 Euro. Money will also be given for the purchase of quality players.

For sure, the present member of parliament of Mital – Tomov, will be discharged from the club. Ivaylo...
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