My celebrity story

My celebrity story

Kim Kardashian back in NY

Back on the east coast after her trip to Dubai, Kim Kardashian turned up at her New York City digs on Monday afternoon (October 17).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cutie chatted on her cell phone as she hopped out of her chauffeured vehicle, looking a bit tired from her hectic United Arab Emirates travels.

After hearing of the tragedy that struck at the Las Vegas Indy 300 Race this past weekend, Kim was among the many taking to Twitter to express her thoughts about Dan Wheldon - who was killed in one of the worst car wrecks in racing history.

Of the heart-wrenching situation, the 30-year-old wrote, "My heart goes out to race car driver, Dan Wheldon's family, his wife & 2 babies. Such a tragedy."

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