Hotel in Ukiah California

Hotel in Ukiah California

Welcome to Super 8 Ukiah CA Hotel in Ukiah California

Super 8 Ukiah is a certified eco friendly hotel in Ukiah CA, offering comfy and affordable accommodation in the lap of Mendocino Wine County. Our hotel is surrounded with wineries, casinos, lakes which make an ideal destination of vacation and business travelers both. Electric Car Charging Station is also available at our hotel.

Super 8 Ukiah Amenities

We have recently renovated our two stories hotel in Ukiah CA, ornamenting with the contemporary of luxuries, modern amenities and highly sustainable lodging to fulfill all the desires of our coveted guests. Reserve your stay at our pet friendly hotel and Feel relax with the all lavish amenities that gives you the comfort of being at your home.

Things to Do in Ukiah, California

Ukiah in Mendocino County is home to dozens of attractions that appeal to a variety of tastes and recreational activity which includes Mendocino Lake, Grace Hudson museum,...
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