Mario Monti is the new Prime Minister of Italy

Mario Monti is the new Prime Minister of Italy

Posted on 14. Nov, 2011 by Zoritza Petrova in Political News

A day after Silvio Berlusconi resigned expected President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano gave the former commissioner Mario Monti mandate to form the new government. The respected economist who during the week and became senator for life, enjoys broad support of the opposition and the main European partners, Italy. Mario Monti, is expected to indicate the 12 ministers tomorrow, said an anonymous source. Then the new Prime Minister must receive a vote of confidence from both houses of parliament. Monti told reporters said he would work quickly to form a new government. “Italy needs to heal its finances and return to growth, because today’s leaders owe it to future generations”, said he. Despite the enthusiasm with which Mario Monti has been hailed as a prime minister, he will face some difficulties along the way, writes Reuters. According to Angelina alpha, party secretary of Berlusconi, whose...
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