Egyptian riot police clash with protesters

Egyptian riot police clash with protesters

Rocks, shattered glass and trash covered most of Tahrir early Sunday. Several hundred protesters were camping out on the lawn of the square's traffic island. All roads leading to the square were blocked by protesters who ran ID checks on anyone coming into the plaza.

Sunday's clashes, which were mostly on a road leading from Tahrir to the Interior Ministry, appeared likely to grow.

Protesters were using social networking sites on the internet to call on Egyptians to join them, and there were reports of several demonstrations headed to the square, including one from Cairo University.

The military, which took over from Mubarak, has repeatedly pledged to hand over power to an elected government but it has yet to set a specific date. According to one timetable floated by the military, the handover will take place after presidential elections are held late next year or early in 2013. The protesters say this is too late and accuse the military of dragging its...
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