My tips for your trips

My tips for your trips

Two weeks before our journey my boyfriend told me that he has a surprise for me and we're going for a 2 days trip somewhere in Bulgaria. I was so curious about finding out where that I really almost guessed the place during that period. On our way

So the day came and we jumped in the car,ready to meet our little adventure.It was a foggy December morning but we were happy and positive.When we reached Shipka Pass it was already sunny but then after we passed the peak it was again gloomy and windy with lots of snow.Pfuuu, I was so happy when we passed that route of 13km and we were already on the other side of the mountain.

Our first stop was in Kakrina village. This is a little village,10 km far from Lovech but very related to Bulgarian history. There,at the end of 1872 was captured Vasil Levski,who is a national Bulgarian hero. In those times there was an inn( in Bulgarian - "han") where he and other paricipants of the Bulgarian Revolution  have been hiding from the Turkish....
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