Our Team

Our Team

Our qualified Team

Krassina Andric – Administrative Director

Krassina Andric has been the kindergarten Administrative director since the very start in 2010. Before that she worked as a Public Relations representative of a privately-owned English school in Sofia for two years and as a Retail manager of a luxury brand in London for over 8 years. While living in UK she acquired her BA Honors in Accounting and Management and started her own family. Her personal interest in child development motivated her to further improve her formal education – she is currently building up her Master’s degree in Preschool Education.

Albena Markova – Head teacher and Programme Director

Albena Markova is our Programme Director and teacher of our Lucky Lions. She is the heart of our educational programme. Her very accomplished professional background includes more than 25 years in both teaching in and managing of young learners’ centres. Her most significant professional...
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