Somali pirates arrested after Royal Navy helicopter chase

Somali pirates arrested after Royal Navy helicopter chase

The MoD said the Royal Auxiliary Fleet Ship Fort Victoria which was carrying Royal Marines, performed the rescue between Somalia and the Seychelles on November 28.

The ministry said the ship had received information that pirate vessels had attacked a Spanish fishing boat north of their location and dispatched Fort Victoria's navy helicopter to investigate.

It said the Lynx helicopter identified a whaler and a skiff near the Spanish fishing vessel as suspicious and fired shots when the skiff sped away ignoring an order to stop.

The vessel was eventually halted and searched by marines. The Foreign Office said that a British-trained police dog team had gathered vital evidence that indicated the alleged pirates' vessel "may have contained traces of explosives or firearms."

The Seychelles government granted permission to bring the suspected pirates to the islands where they will face prosecution.

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