Bambi on ice: deer rescued from frozen lake in Canada

Bambi on ice: deer rescued from frozen lake in Canada

Two rescuers and a cameraman went to the aid of the deer after it became stuck on the frozen waters at Black Sturgeon Lake in Kenora, southern Canada.

Equipped only with iceskates and a makeshift harness the amateur rescue team tried to drag the stranded creature back to land.

Initial attempts to harness the wild animal were frustrated as it twitched and wriggled free.

But persistence paid off and the team finally managed to secure the strap under the deer's front legs and slide it back to safety.

The exhausted four-legged creature required a final push from the cameraman to get it up the bank, meaning that the final scenes of the rescue were not captured.

The cameraman later took to YouTube to reassure viewers of the happy ending: "The deer is great! She ran off a day after resting on the shore to gain her strength."

Posted online last week, the clip has been watched more than 60,000 times.

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