James Franco Eyeglasses

James Franco Eyeglasses

Actor, producer, author, painter, performing artist, it's hard to describe James Franco in a single word. Just as his multiple roles in life, Mr Franco's glasses wearing are diversified as well. The man is notorious for owing many pairs of shades and eyeglasses that he switches constantly between for varying occasions and projects.

Among these glasses, some most notable ones come from the sunglasses giant Ray-ban produced Wayfarer, the iconic shape of which showcases the strong features of Mr. Franco and puts a sex appeal on his face like no other. Masculinity, classiness and sophistication, all that a man craves in a pair of sunglasses is perfectly reflected and embodied in a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses. For those of you who have been long admiring Mr. Franco's classy look, you can try James Franco style glasses to make a fashion statement.

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