The Slakadeliqs - The Other Side of Tomorrow | mo' fidelity

The Slakadeliqs - The Other Side of Tomorrow | mo' fidelity

Nevyana Boycheva On February 3, 2012

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I’m about to offer you something sweet and warm to get you through these cold days –  the debut album by The Slakadeliqs a.k.a. Canadian artist Slakah the Beatchild. This guy specializes in what we usually call “soulful hip-hop” (or simply “my favorite music”), but this release marks the beginning of the year with a sound that’s a bit more diverse. The soul is here, so is the pinch of hip-hop, but influences by artists like “the Zombies, Neil Young and also a mix of sounds from groups like B-52’s, The Beatles and Lenny Kravitz” could also be heard. The result is truly amazing.

It’s pretty obvious that Byram Joseph a.k.a. Slakah the Beatchild is kind of a genius – not just because of the cool artistic pseudonyms, not because...
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