Computer Gaming Technology

Computer Gaming Technology

Computer games have been around since a long time and people usually get caught up in the hype about which game to play.The best computer games selection criteria is a tricky process.

List of 10 best computer games :

10.CIVILIZATION 5: The latest successor of Civilization series takes the strategy gaming level to a whole different level introducing hexagon tiles which allows profound planning, more realistic game-play and more landscapes to explore while expanding their territory.

The game features completely animated sprites that interact with the gamers from a conciliatory scene and using native language right up front.The combat between empires feel vast as the vanguard dominates the landscape.Civilization 5 has managed to make it more exciting than never before by allowing players the option of range bombardment.It requires games to develop clear and tactical warfare techniques in order to secure a victory.Civilization 5 also has an unique multiplayer...
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