if-act’s Drag and Slide jQuery Gallery

if-act’s Drag and Slide jQuery Gallery


We are glad to introduce ver1.0 of our Drag’n'Slide gallery. Below you may find some code samples, as well as a demo of the gallery. A modified version, used to present some content along with the images, is used in our portfolio.

How to use Drag and Slide gallery? Simple and easy to use

Just wrap your content with a single div and call the gallery on it. The code will look like this:

. . . <script type="text/javascript"> $("#your_div_ID").if_act_gallery(); </script> . . . <div id="your_div_ID"> <img /> . . . <img /> </div>

12345678910111213141516171819    .   .   . <script type="text/javascript">$("#your_div_ID").if_act_gallery();</script>    .   .   . <div id="your_div_ID"> <img />   .   .   . <img /></div> Drag and slide website content

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