In Montana, the bison are back

In Montana, the bison are back

>>> after a 20-year fight, a symbol of the american west is back. the bison , for decades, they were bred with cattle, so pure bison are rare, but now a coalition of viernltalists, native americans , have brought the bison home, but not everyone is happy with that. our report from anne thompson .

>> reporter: for the first time in more than a century, a herd of yellowstone bison are home on montana 's range. 58 animals, descendants of the millions nearly slaughters to extinction in the late 1800s , now caught between two visions of the west, the endless lanld landscape as it was. the bison arrived this week in the dark, welcomed with a sacred song to the canadian border . for tommy christian, the bison are his heritage.

>> how we refer to ourselves as the buffalo people.

>> historically, the bison provided food, clothing, and medicine. today, christian says they offer a cultural...
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