Metal O Shower Curtain Hooks MM2012

Metal O Shower Curtain Hooks MM2012


A little change in the décor can make a noticeable and pleasant difference to the ambience. Enhance your bathroom décor with Shower Curtain Rings. Made of durable brass and stainless steel the curtain rings highlight the curtain drapery. These rings are corrosion-free, friction free and glide smoothly on the curtain rod. This kind of drapery hardware makes an attractive visual pattern when viewed with the rest of the bathroom décor.


 Type  Shower Curtain Ring  Material  Metal  Size  OD 5.5  Color     Chrome Finish     Including     Set of 12 Rings     Shipping Weight      0.24kg  

Shower curtain hooks are easy to open and close and won't scratch your rod. Chrome finish adds...
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