Stablon and Depression

Stablon and Depression

Use Stablon For Calm Thinking and Less Side Effects

Stablon, also known as tianeptine is an antidepressant drug that achieves the same results as well known antidepressant medications such as Paxil and Prozac but which works in a novel way that does not cause the usual loss of libido, drowsiness and weight gain side effects associated with these products.

Stablon and Depression

Clinical studies focusing on the treatment of elderly people with Stablon Tianeptine have found that it is a very effective medicine for depression and related conditions such as insomnia and fatigue. This ability to work across a broad spectrum of depressive disorders and symptoms is another significant asset of using Stablon.

Dr. Richard Brown – a renowned New York psychiatrist - reported positive results using Stablon with his patients. His studies concluded that it does not cause sexual dysfunction or weight gain and helps across a range of depressive conditions.

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