Protesters fight police in Sofia

Protesters fight police in Sofia

Anti-government protesters clash with police

Anti-government protesters at a rally in the Bulgarian capital Sofia have clashed with police outside the parliament building.

More than 2,000 people had been taking part in a peaceful rally when what the police described as a riot broke out.

The rally involving students, farmers and activists was to protest about continued corruption and poverty.

Bulgaria is rated as the most corrupt of the EU's 27 member states by Transparency International.

Shouting "resign!" and "mafia!" the protesters threw bottles, smashed windows on the parliament building, and damaged police cars.

When an anonymous bomb threat was received, the Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Yulya Nenkova, issued an order to break up the rally, local media reported.

The police then used force to disperse the protesters, who were demanding the resignation of the Socialist-led government.

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