A Look At Mad Men’s Best Ads

A Look At Mad Men’s Best Ads

In the 1960 golden era of advertising, the Mad Men from Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency from New York, reveal their not-so-perfect and commercial-like lives. The show focuses mainly on executive director Don Draper, a talented man who lives in a big lie. But beyond Draper’s success, good looks, mystery, beyond Christina Hendricks’ boobs, and beyond all the drinking and smoking, this show is all about advertising. In almost every episode we assist at the process of an idea being brought to life.

For all the advertising fans out there, we picked 8 of the best ads, from the beginning of season 1 until season 4. You’ll be surprised that some of them are inspired from real life campaigns.

1. Lucky Strike – It’s toasted

This is the ad present in the first episode of Mad Men, which has a powerful impact on the audience. The moment is glorious: in the time when scientists began to make a connection between diseases like cancer and cigarettes, Don Draper had to come...
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