10 Tips For A Moneyless Vacation At Home

10 Tips For A Moneyless Vacation At Home

Photo by Alexander Andreev on Flickr.

10 things?

There may be a thousand things you could do while at home, complaining that you can’t go on vacation in top-ranked locations.

Most of the complaints deal with work and the lack of money: you’re either too tied up to leave work, or your budget doesn’t allow you to spend money on a vacation, or… both.

These 10 simple activities can make your vacation a great one, while still being at home. You don’t have to drown into consumerism to have some quality time.

Home vacation advice # 1: Wasting time can be benefic

Photo erix on Flickr.

When’s the last time you took some time and just sat and did nothing? No TV, no Internet, no magazines, no movies, no music, no other form of distraction?

Wasting some time (in moderate quantities) can be very productive and it  ultimately makes you more creative. Best ideas are born in these sessions of  ‘time wasting’.

Home vacation advice #2: Doing...
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