5 Great Music Biopics

5 Great Music Biopics

Musicians, especially the ones with a tumultuous life have always been subject of a good movie. Let’s face it, drugs, tragedies, drama, and the struggle for succes are things which move people in a good way.

Music biopics, or biographical movies about musicians can be fascinating stories for everybody. You don’t have to a be listening to the music of a certain artist to see his/her story and still learn a valuable lesson.

Although biographies aren’t regarded as particularly interesting movies, because of their conventionality, we’ll show you in the following 5 great movies in which a biography is be presented in the most appealling way.

#5. I’m Not There (2007)

Artist: Bob Dylan

Director: Todd Haynes

Who said that biographies are conventional? This movie is the perfect example for unconventional ass kicking biographical movies: six characters (including a woman) interpret the different facets of Bob Dylan. The movie begins with the caption...
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