Gorgeous Mad Men Outfits

Gorgeous Mad Men Outfits

Besides all the advertising, drinks and Don Draper, the 1960s drama Mad Men features a set of gorgeous outfits, which underline so well the spirit of the time, the habits from the corporate world, and complete the sparkle of some characters. Either we’re talking about a primary character, a secretary or just an episode apparition, the clothing, matching of colours, fabrics and cutting sure contribute to the charm of the pieces presented in the “catwalk” of every Mad Men episode.

Responsible for the costume design in the TV show is Janie Bryant, who really did her best in reviving the 1960 Madison Avenue Advertising atmosphere.

The classic Betty Draper

Betty plays the role of the respectable yet fashionable housewife. Her outfits range from classy and simple dresses, to the elegant appearances that explain so well her comparison to Grace Kelly. Even when in some non-feminine situations, she still looks perfect, either she’s wearing a simple sweater or a coat.

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