Top 10 Moronic Predictions From the Past

Top 10 Moronic Predictions From the Past

Sorry, medieval man, that shit didn’t happen!

Man’s predicting abilities might work sometimes, but as far as science is concerned, speculating on the matter always leads to long term epic failure. The inability to comprehend future technologies and habits of humankind is quite common, but still, the dazing adventurer will always seek to give precise details on how the future items and accessories of the highly-evolved society will be. So here you are, future man, a top 10 of facepalm-provoking predictions that never came true:

1. The Fly-in

Yeah, as if the drive in wasn’t fast-food enough, the ancient man had dreams of just dropping by with his propeller  running, ordering a sandwich on a plate or why not, a glass of wine, dropping the handle for a short while and then going back up in the air, enjoying those fine unspillable wines. Smart move, frenchies!

2. The information inoculator

Now doesn’t this look like a sacrificing ritual for the sake of...
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