Dalton Ghetti's Pencil Sculpture | Mole Empire

Dalton Ghetti's Pencil Sculpture | Mole Empire

Sculpture is undoubtedly, a great form of art. I’ve always been amazed in particular by miniature sculpture, always admiring the patience, the skills and the talent of carving something out of tiny things, like for example tips of pencils.

The alphabet, a miniature of Elvis, a hand with a glass, a chainsaw, or a heart – simple objects which acquire another dimension when transposed on the tip of a pencil. Pencil sculpture, just like paper art or book sculpture, can take unexpected forms also, and Dalton Ghetti’s miniature sculptures is no denying to that.

Born in Brazil, living in Connecticut, Dalton Ghetti is a carpenter but he has been having the hobby of sharpening pencils since he was a child. Along the years he discovered the easiness of carving into graphite and has started to use also the wood of the pencils, and has established to No. 2 pencils.

But what kind of special equipment does it require to sharpen a pencil in such a way? Dalton uses only a...
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