The Social Network Scores 4 Golden Globes

The Social Network Scores 4 Golden Globes

The Social Network made a real sensation on 16th January at the Golden Globes, when it scored 4 trophies, after being nominated for 6 categories. It even beat Inception, which surprisingly didn’t win anything, and also the Black Swan, two movies which raised a lot of expectations from the fans.

Here’s what The Social Network won:

Best Motion Picture – Drama: it beat Inception and the Black Swan Best Director: David Fincher Best Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin – Inception is taken down again. Best Original – Score Motion Picture: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross in The Social Network, winning in front of Inception once again.

However, you can’t beat them all, so we didn’t have the chance to see Jesse Eisenberg becoming best actor (lost in front of Colin Firth from The King’s Speech), neither Andrew Garfield winning Best performance by an Actor in a supporting role (lost again for Christian Bale from The Fighter)

Other disappointment of the night was Mad Men loosing...
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