The Best Of NYC Fashion Week 2011

The Best Of NYC Fashion Week 2011

From camel, fur, and gray, to the classic black and white or the epic Sixties and Seventies, the fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 have been set at New York Fashion Week 2011.

Let’s see what’s hot for this season and what have designers been up to in order to promote their Fall A/W 2011.

Moncler’s Flashmob at Grand Central Station NYC

As a starter, Moncler’s attempt to launch their collection through a flashmob at Grand Central Station in New York on the sounds of Barbara Streisand left us speechless. Cool initiative!

But speaking about collections that left us completely speechless:

Narciso Rodrigues RTW Fall 2011

Narciso Rodrigues’ collection focused on neutral combinations to create a graphic, architectural, even geometric effect. It looked like his models were somehow taken directly from a sketch.

I like the way he explored the classic look into simple but clean and chic outfits. The main focus is put on black, white and gray pieces,...
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