8 Reasons Why Your Dreams Don’t Come True

8 Reasons Why Your Dreams Don’t Come True

Photo by Dave Stagner on Flickr.

We all have dreams or things that we’ve always wanted to learn, but somehow never manage to accomplish them. Either it’s learning a foreign language, starting a blog about a hobby or improving some skills in a certain domain, there’s a lot out there each one of us has the desire to accomplish.

Some complain about not having the time to do it, while others follow their dreams. What’s their secret? What are their priorities? How do they manage with their time? Do they have more time available, or do they make time for things that are important to them?

Nobody really knows the answer. Because following your dreams is all about you and your actions. I won’t tell you what to do to accomplish your dreams. But I can tell you what’s stopping you from getting there:

1. Bad time management

The main excuse that people find when they want to do something but don’t manage to is time. “I’m so busy that I don’t have the physical...
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