Nose fracutre - How to identify it?

Nose fracutre - How to identify it?

Tips on how to identify nose fracture

When you get hit on the nose, it causes lot pain and makes you shed tears automatically. This pain does not away easily and may linger on for some time and this can make you wonder if you suffered a nose fracture. You need to know how to identify a broken nose to help you get treatment on time. You should not ignore a broken nose because it can lead to difficulties in breathing. This kind of bone fracture is common in people who are active in sports or any impact in an accident. Kids who are below eight years can not suffer from a broken nose. Their nose does not have a bone and contains cartilage only. Here are some tips to assist you in detecting a nose fracture. • Check for any pain in your nose that will not go away after you have suffered an injury. You may feel it in the sinuses tissues or on the nose bridge. Some people experience sharp pain while others go through dull pain. Any of this can be a symptom of a broken nose.

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