Ankle fracture healing - How long does it take?

Ankle fracture healing - How long does it take?

An ankle fracture can take some time but this depends on a number of factors. The cause of the fracture and the extent of the injury can determine the time it takes to recover. It may take close to four months and that means that you need to be patient. In rare cases surgery may be required and it helps to reassemble the broken bones. A patient can also follow up the right treatment to help the broken bone heal fast.

Bone fractures can be different, some are very small and it’s almost impossible to see them using an x-ray. However it will cause discomfort which calls for treatment. Other broken ankles can be as a result of shattered bone and may even protrude through above the skin. Most of fractures in the ankle are as a result of trauma but sometimes may occur in patients of cancer due to weak bones.

There are some devices used to stabilize the healing of a broken ankle. This is also determined by the severity of the bone fracture. A mild break on the ankle can be treated...
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