Vincent by Tim Burton

Vincent by Tim Burton

How many famous Vincents do you know? Vincent Price, Vincent van Gogh, Vince Vaughn you can complete the list with as many as you can find. Today I’ve set to add one more to your personal list of famous Vincents.

Remember those cartoons in which the characters had a dilemma and it was sided by an angelic and demonic personifications of itself? Well this six minute movie is the prolonged illustration of the severing of the character: we have a simple seven year old boy whose name you can guess: Vincent. That is until you find out that he’d rather be a mad scientist and experiment “on his dog Abercrombie in the hopes of creating a horrible zombie.”

But Vincent isn’t all that gloomy. He has a keen interest in reading and a rather unnatural liking for E. A. Poe’s writings, which he envisages vividly:

Such horrible news he could not survive For his beautiful wife had been buried alive! He dug out her grave to make sure she was dead Unaware that her grave was his...
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