Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy

Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy

Since I’m a Tim Burton nut (as I’m sure some of you are), I’m very interested in picking the brains of this most unusual director. So I though I’d give you some more (burtonian) food for thought.

I’m thinking about your health so on the short movie menu today we have a main course that consists of white meat : clams seasoned with sea salt and a pinch of inhumanity.

As for hors d’oeuvre, we have a plot knit with algae: two newly weds spend their honeymoon on an island with a seafood based nutrition. But their diet led to an unexpected result that culminated with her giving birth to a cross-breed between a human and an oyster: Sam.

Sam’s birth contributed to the choice for a house by the sea. Though he resembled an oyster, he was far from being as happy as a clam. He was the kind of child bound to enjoy less conventional activities:

One spring afternoon, Sam was left in the rain. At the southwestern corner of Seaview and Main, he watched the rain water as...
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