Titanic Belfast | Titanic Quarter | Things to Do in Belfast

Titanic Belfast | Titanic Quarter | Things to Do in Belfast

Welcome to Titanic Belfast, the ultimate tourist guide for your visit to the world renowned Titanic Quarter in Belfast. The area, steeped in the history of the famous vessel, is the perfect place to visit whether you’re an avid fan of the history of the Titanic or a complete novice but intrigued to find out more. Although undoubtedly visiting the Titanic Museum will be the highlight of your visit, there will also be other things that shall contribute to the overall experience of your visit to the city of Belfast. This site is the perfect place for you to find out all the information you will need to enjoy your visit to the full, including places to stay and eat.

The first stage of the development of the site to become now the Titanic Quarter commenced in July 2006. The 185 acre site was formerly occupied by Harland & Wolf, who of course constructed RMS Titanic. In the 10 years since then, the change in the geography of what once was an abandoned former shipyard to...
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