Heat Pump – Shower Pumps – Grundfos – Lowara - Anchor Pumps

Heat Pump – Shower Pumps – Grundfos – Lowara - Anchor Pumps

With most of the team in the pump sector for their entire professional background, Anchor Pumps staff can draw on a wealth of experience. That means Anchor Pumps are not just a highly skilled workforce, but also a company with a deep and clear understanding of the industry, and a dynamic ability to deliver solutions with lasting success.

Anchor Pumps provide a comprehensive range of professional pump services within a fully equipped workshop. The Cheshire based company also provides a dedicated on-site service and installation service. With an experienced and dedicated staff with over 100 years of combined experience within the industry, Anchor Pumps can genuinely put the customer first from its top class workshop facilities, stores space and focused logical infrastructure.

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